Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Woodland Hills Home Looks Like A Beautiful Christmas Tree Lot!

How many Christmas trees do you have? Bet you say one! In Woodland Hills, Allison Siewert has 139. You read that right, but in this video wait till you see where she's crammed them. They are in the front yard, the back yard, the bathrooms, every room. There are ornaments in the swimming pool. There is so much holiday cheer in the Siewert house that you can't help but feel the season.
How many Christmas trees do you have? Bet you say one!

She points to a tree filled with elves. “This is the elf tree," she says. It's just one of her many themed-trees. There is one that looks like a cell phone tower decorated in branches like you see along the freeway. You know what she calls that right? The cell phone tree which she says is "perfect for California because these weird things are everywhere”

The first one was back in 1999 when her first child, Kristin, was born. She got so many ornaments that she needed more than one tree to handle them. And, as more people gave her family ornaments she got more trees.

Most of them are artificial trees. A few turned yellow so she spray painted them white. And, every year she gets a fresh one.

For Allison Siewert and her family it is definitely Christmas-time