Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Skype vs. Tango vs. Viber Free Download – Is Skype losing its Global Client Base?

Skype began operations more than a decade ago and as of now, this Microsoft-owned giant voice calling app has managed to amass more than 750 million active users across the globe.
Skype began operations more than a decade ago and as of now, this Microsoft-owned giant voice...

On the other hand, Tango is a relatively new player in this big and highly competitive industry and as it seems, this application has made its clear intentions of becoming a mainstay in this industry.

Skype is a top VoIP app and it has been there for the past decade, without facing any serious challenger. However, things have begun taking a twist and a field that was once dominated by Skype is now being entered by an array of applications that are giving Skype a run for its money. While Skype is best known for its quality when it comes to offering users with free video calls, Tango has emerged as a serious competitor for Skype in this niche, thanks to the similarly high quality free video calls it offers its users.

With the stiff competition Skype is facing in the free video calling niche, it is left with the free voice calling niche to turn around its fortunes. However, this niche is also being “attacked” by Viber, which is also proving to be a best fit when it comes to quality free voice calls over the web. So, what is it going to be for Skype? Is it really losing its global popularity to these two apps, Tango and Viber, or is it just another of those tough times that will soon be overcome with newer features and services from Skype? Here’s a look at these three apps from a closer range.
Skype began operations more than a decade ago and as of now, this Microsoft-owned giant voice....


Tango is a free to download and use app that can be found on the official Google Play Store, iTunes App Store and Microsoft’s official page. With more than 250 million users across the globe, this app is proving to be a real threat to Skype with its amazing quality when talking about free video calls. The video calling niche is one of the holding pillars of Skype and with it being eaten away slowly by Tango, it remains to be seen what step Skype will take next to curb this situation.

One thing that is clearly still in favor of Skype in this niche is the brand name it has in itself and its owner, Microsoft. Furthermore, Skype has the financial power to include some of the best features in this segment of video calling and it is expected to keep doing what it does best with free video calls. Skype can be used to make affordable video calls to non-Skype users, a feature that is yet to be availed on Tango, thus making Skype far much suited than Tango.


Viber is the app that is moderately eating away the voice calling client base of Skype thanks to the high quality of calls it offers its users. What has made this app such popular are the lightweight nature, simple UI and ease of registration it presents users with. The latter case is what has dominated the highlights where only a mobile number is used to create an account. While Skype users will be required to provide a username and password they created during sign up when logging in, there is nothing like logging in when using Viber.