Friday, January 9, 2015

Sony TV is thinner than your phone

Just when you thought TVs were thin enough, Sony breaks off a little somethin' slimmer.

The company is calling its new XBR-X900C the thinnest LCD TV yet. Parts of the TV's cabinet, namely the top half of the set, measure just 0.2-inch thick. That's just 7.1mm, thinner than an iPhone 6 for example. The fact that the bottom half is a bit thicker to accommodate internal components and inputs, spoils the effect only a little.
Just when you thought TVs were thin enough, Sony breaks off a little somethin' slimmer.

For everybody keeping score at home, LG's 55-inch OLED TV, model 55EC9300, has a depth of 0.25 inches across most of its body. So the X900C is even thinner.

The Sony doesn't look too bad from the front either. It has an extremely thin bezel around the screen, making it seem almost all picture. Combined with the thin cabinet, it cuts a sleeker figure than many of the more aggressively styled curved TVs from competitors such as LG and Samsung.

The X900C isn't as beautiful on the inside as some other high-end Sony TVs, however. It lacks the local dimming we liked so much on the X900B from last year, so it likely won't offer as impressive a picture. Meanwhile two other new Sony TVs introduced at CES, the X940C and X930C, do offer local dimming.

Equipped with Sony's latest processing and Triluminous color, however, we don't expect the 4K resolution X900C to be a picture-quality slouch -- although we're curious to see what kinds of issues, in particular uniformity problems, might be caused by the extremely thin cabinet.

The X900C comes in 55- and 65-inch sizes. There's also a 75-inch version, model XBR-X910C, that's a bit thicker. Pricing and availability were not announced, and they'll all ship in spring 2015.