Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2015 Lexus GX Redesign Concept

n the first previewed in the previous 2003, Lexus is known as a SUV with 7 seats with the HPX concept. After that first previewed of the Lexus, then we know that the similar vehicle in on the production. It means that after 2003, Lexus Company keep producing the Lexus car in the SUV type. Now there are some rumours said that 2015 Lexus GX will be replaced with the vehicle that has the similar type.

Replaced In 2015
In the first previewed in the previous 2003, Lexus is known as a SUV with 7 seats with the HPX concept. After that first previewed of...n the first previewed in
According to several source, 2015 Lexus GX will be replaced immediately in 2015 with vehicle that has similar type with the new 2015 Lexus GX. The source also reported that Lexus has actually applied for “TX” trademark and then use this for the 7-seats crossover that will be launch in the early 2016. The “TX” trademark is allegedly is used as replacement of the Lexus GX. So, the Lexus will be replaced with “TX” brand. It means that Lexus GX will be disappearing from the automobile market since 2016.

There are several changes from the previous Lexus GX to the new 2015 Lexus GX. Previously, it has been reported that the 2015 Lexus GX SUV is adopting vehicle-like structure of uni-body for the next generation of the Lexus GX. The other great changes are on its spindle grilled, and the standard LED headlight.

Whereas about the interior of the new 2015 Lexus GX, there are also some difference with the previous Lexus GX, including the upgrades of the technology of the car, display with touch screen system with high definition Radio, and the other addition feature like leather-trimmed of interior, heated front seats, Bluetooth, navigation with backup of monitor and many more.

The 2015 Lexus GX will use engine of 4.6L V8 with 301 horsepower in 5500 rpm. The rest of atmosphere of driving bring supporting system for the performance of the Lexus GX. Meanwhile the competitor of this 2015 Lexus GX will be various. As the great and popular kind of vehicle, it is normal if the Lexus GX has various competitors of these cars. Those big competitors are Lexus GX including Audi Q7, infinity of JX. About the price of this 2015 Lexus GX, there is no officially statement from the management of Lexus Company. There are no any clues which mention about the upcoming price this new SUV. But several rumours said that it will cost about $ 60,000. The price is worth it, knowing that this new SUV will serve better performance

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