Sunday, April 26, 2015

2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport

Land Rover Discovery Sport is the first all-new model in over 10 years and takes a different direction in styling, but certainly not in substance.Many things have changed in the past decade, with sales of SUVs increasing at a huge rate worldwide. However, many buyers of SUVs are looking for a stylish station wagon and have little or no interest in using them as 4WDs. Land Rover is well aware of this and has intelligently come up with a vehicle that will appeal to those who want a good looking wagon but - and this is the really smart part - still want a genuine 4WD.

By genuine 4WD we mean new Discovery Sport, is an all-terrain vehicle from the old school. This is no on-road hatchback with a different body and light-duty all-wheel-drive components. This is the real deal.

Discovery Sport can traverse tough off-road places where even olde-fashioned rather-crude Land Rover Series 1 would struggle. Yet it will meet all the requirements of on-road comfort and handling the modern SUV buyer demands.

This seeming impossible melding of on-road and off-road tasks shows the depth of expertise in the Land Rover team. Expertise built up designing subsequent Land Rover Defenders and Discoverys, as well as the King of hill Range Rover.

A Range Rover can set you back as much as $248,000 – new Discovery Sport has a price list that begins at just $53,300, plus on-road costs.

All-new Land Rover Discovery Sport is based on the ultra-stylish Evoque and shares some visible and many out of sight components with it - one reason for the low price.