Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Aston Martin One-77

Isn't it amazing just how quickly the automotive world progresses at times? Back when the Aston Martin One-77 was first shown at the Geneva motor show in 2009 it was advanced and very quick as that breed of car goes: carbon monocoque, inboard adjustable suspension and 760hp saw to that.

Only now of course your million pounds or so buys quite a bit more. Or rather it did, until the hybrid hypercar trio sold out. More power than the Aston with less weight and even further advanced dynamics. However, that shouldn't reflect badly on the One-77 as there's a strong case for it being possibly the most desirable of the old breed of hypercars.

See Dan's blog from a little while ago. Cars that captured our imaginations not that long ago can not be replaced because of both customer demand and environmental pressure. Turbos, hybrids and configurable dynamics are the future it would seem, and cars that have just about escaped that are becoming ever more desirable. Modern, advanced and capable but with enough old-fashioned charm to their dynamics and engines to win us over.

The Aston One-77 is arguably the finest (and easily the most expensive) recent representation of this. Want more power from the 5.9-litre V12? Fine, hand it to Cosworth. Capacity was upped to 7.3-litres (ain't no replacement and all that), the compression ratio was upped to 10.9:1 and it was dry-sumped as well to mount it as low and as far back as possible. All this while making it 60kg lighter. The result was 760hp and 553lb ft, plus surely one of the most spectacular noises on four wheels.

Configurable dynamics? Do it yourself sir. The monotube dampers are adjustable for bump and rebound with further electrically-operated tinkering for ride height and rate change. Of course driver aids are present but they can be turned off as well.

The automated manual will put off some, and it will look like other Astons too much for a few others, but as something to drive it must be magnificent. The kerbweight is only 20kg up on a V12 Vantage and it has another 190hp. Exactly. Crucially, it will be unlike any future Aston flagships. The Vulcan is track only and can you imagine any future 700hp+ Astons using naturally aspirated V12s tuned by Cosworth?

There are in fact two of the 77 One-77s produced for sale on PH at present, this white car chosen because it's one of only nine right-hand drive cars. Pearl Black does look fabulous though... With a £1.2m launch price and barely any miles, where would One-77s be now? Two million? More?

Even the advert here states many are 'being put away in collections to enjoy further appreciation' and a similar fate surely awaits this car. A shame, yes, but not exactly a surprise. Let's hope it gets out on occasion, if only for the noise to be savoured by everyone else around!