Thursday, August 11, 2016

American Airlines Is Giving You Free Movies


American Airlines Group (ticker: AAL) announced Tuesday it would offer free premium entertainment across its seatback entertainment-equipped or Wi-Fi-streaming domestic flights, in a move that will surely please consumers and investors.

Out of all American's aircrafts, close to 300 include seatback entertainment. The company says that number grows each month. According to its website, its entertainment perks include more than 160 movies, more than 700 music choices, 300 TV shows and more. USA Today points out that the company indeed had certain free programming before, though new release movies and other premium content cost consumers money.

AAL customers can enjoy this big free push starting this month. It highlighted in its announcement consumers can now watch HBO's (TWX) "Game of Thrones" and "Silicon Valley" for free, in addition to new movies like "Captain America: Civil War."

The airline isn't the first to go against the seemingly insurmountable fees airlines have grown to be known for: Delta Air Lines (DAL) said in June it would make in-flight entertainment free for its passengers in two-cabin aircrafts, reports Forbes.

American Airlines' stock has been down almost 20 percent on the year, though this move may help bolster its future. Besides, its chief competitor in free entertainment, Delta, has much more to worry about than letting consumers watch free TV.

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