Saturday, October 29, 2016

Delta loyalty reward points can get you on a private jet

Collect enough loyalty reward points on Delta Air Lines and you can book a flight in your own private jet.

Under a change in Delta’s SkyMiles loyalty reward program, members can accumulate miles toward a flight on Delta Private Jets, a subsidiary of the Atlanta-based airline that operates more than 70 Wi-Fi equipped jets. The change took effect Oct. 25.

For example, Delta SkyMiles members who earn 2.5 million miles can get $25,000 on a cash card to book a flight on Delta Private Jets, which is based in Kentucky but flies throughout the country on an on-demand basis.

Delta is not the only airline to partner with a charter jet company.

New York-based JetBlue Airways said last week that it made a minority equity investment in the private charter company JetSuiteX, based in Irvine.

Under its partnership, fliers on JetSuiteX earn points on JetBlue’s loyalty reward program, TrueBlue, to fly on JetBlue flights.

The investment comes a few months after JetBlue lost a bidding war with Alaska Airlines to acquire Virgin America.

By losing the bidding war, JetBlue lost access to several lucrative routes along the West Coast. But under the deal with JetSuiteX, JetBlue has added a partner that flies out of a handful of popular West Coast cities, including Burbank, Las Vegas, San Jose and Concord, Calif.

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