Sunday, October 23, 2016

LAX Working to Better Train Employees on Customer Service

On Thursday, the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners announced the approval of contracts for customer-service training, performance management and employee-appreciation programs at Los Angeles International Airport.

With more than 50,000 employees, Los Angeles International Airport is instituting a comprehensive guest-experience program designed to engage the entire airport community and ensure service excellence.

As part of the new program, the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners has awarded one-year contracts (with two one-year renewal options) to the company Customer Service Experts for airport-wide training worth up to $1.6 million. The Board also awarded a contract worth $435,250 to Nothing Films for video production for the training component.

The Board approved another deal for Customer Service Experts for performance management and rewards and recognition services for an amount not to exceed $961,378. The deals struck Thursday will be managed by the Los Angeles World Airports’ Guest Experience Team with the goal of increasing guest satisfaction and creating experiences that are efficient, hospitable and memorable.

Los Angeles International Airport is far from the only facility working on a similar project, as Customer Service Experts is working with 112 airports in more than 40 states and four Canadian provinces.

“The millions of people who travel through our airport are not just passengers or customers; they are guests who are valued and appreciated and deserve to be treated as such,” Los Angeles World Airports CEO Deborah Flint said in a statement. “Our vision is to work with our LAX partners to foster an LAX experience that showcases the excitement of Los Angeles in ways that are modern, efficient, innovative, exciting, yet caring.”

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