Monday, March 23, 2015

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Review

Jeep car manufacturing is one of the most popular car manufacturing in this world. The product has been spreading widely in some countries. Jeep car manufacturing always produce best quality vehicles. Products of the Jeep car manufacturer usually have strong engines so it will not be broken easily. That is the common reason why some people choose Jeep as their vehicle. 2015 Jeep grand Cherokee diesel is one of the product that will be launched to the market. It has similar appearance with the 2014 version. The Jeep car manufacturer decides to introduce the new product with some improvements from the previous version. The Jeep car manufacturer commits to always improve the products can be seen through the new grand Cherokee.
Jeep car manufacturing is one of the most popular car manufacturing in this world
Cherokee Limited New Features
The interior of the 2015 Jeep grand Cherokee limited looks very great and luxurious. The seats are covered by the fine chosen materials. The design of the dashboard makes the interior of the car luxurious. The outer looks of the new product also designed precisely. The headlamps has the same technology with the previous version, it has great adaptive HID headlamps with the new Adaptive Auto High Beam Control Intelligent Headlamps.

The features of the 2015 Jeep grand Cherokee have the similar features with the previous version such as you can hear your front seat while driving in the low temperature condition. There will be new Uconnect with 8.4 inch touch screen with navigation with Wi-Fi. The cluster of the new Cherokee comes with new-configurable 7-inch display with TFT technology. To enjoy the outside scenery there will be provided by CommandView sunroof. Then it has deluxe storage to put your belongings and great premium sounds. You can also use Select-Terrain traction control. It has Quadra-Lift air suspension system to raise the car for off-road. The car manufacturer will add some features in the 2015 Jeep grand Cherokee but the features have been explained until this November, 2013.

Engine of the car gets some improvement from the previous product. The 2014 Jeep grand Cherokee has V6 turbo diesel with eight-speed auto transmissions while the 2015 Jeep grand Cherokee overland has 3.0L V6 with nine-speed auto transmissions. The Jeep manufacturer tries to improve the engine to be more economists so the customers will spend less money for the fuel consumption.