Friday, April 10, 2015

The Mercedes-Benz S Class Limousine

Even though people who are passionate about cars think mostly in terms of driving pleasure, some statements just have to be made, especially if you're in the statement-making business. You will need a heck of a luxury vehicle.

So what can you do when your everyday luxury car doesn't cut it anymore? What do you do when you have to go above the S-Class/A8/XJ/7 Series/LS/Panamera group of cars? You can turn to Maybach, you can turn to Bentley, you can turn to Buick, just kidding, or you can choose Rolls-Royce and if you do that, you're pretty much set. Unless you need even more of a statement.

There is of course the Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman we've been waiting for, but we haven't heard anything official about it the past few months. If it will indeed look like this, well then if that's the sort of car you need, you might as well forget all about it and focus on this spectacular ARES Atelier Mercedes S Class XXL. It's as ridiculously big as it is beautiful. They really nailed the front and rear fascias.

ARES has stretched and reinforced the chassis of a regular S-Class sedan and fitted a carbon fiber body kit, bigger brakes, 21" wheels, 6mm thick glass as well as a whole list of features that help keep you alive during an armed assault. It can even be equipped with a Bomb detector to identify explosives on the car.

Inside, there's total luxury. Nappa Italian leather, carbon Alcantara, custom sports steering wheel, enforced individual air conditioning, hands-free intercom, 8 spotlights for the rear compartment, 17" foldable HD flat screen, iPad control, electric curtains, upgraded sound system with 30cm subwoofer and premium 5.1 equalizer. Of course you can call it pointless and a waste of money, but billionaires see things differently.

Oh and it's no slouch on the road either. It has over 600 HP and it can do 0-62 mph in just 4.8 seconds. Of course they had to modify the transmission and upgrade the brakes in order to handle the extra weight and size of the car.